The Old Cowboy in June of 1977 moved…

The Old Cowboy in June of 1977 moved his young family to a rental house on Lincoln Street in Seminole, Oklahoma. Patty was still a stay at home mom and the kids were excited to be so close to both sets of grandparents. Much to the displeasure of some of the business owners in Wewoka, Oklahoma I was going to be the first General Manager of KWSH Radio not to live in Wewoka. The house we moved into was a fairly nice three bedroom house right across the street from Patty’s parents and two blocks from mine. Amy was a pretty and fun six year old, and that fall she would attend Woodrow Wilson Grade School where I had attended the first grade back in 1953. Shane was a three and a half year old and that little cowboy was full of energy. Shane had already shown a interest in song leaders and what they did each week. Even back in Ada when Shane was big enough to stand up in the pew he had started waving his arms and hands along with the song leader. Patty had to sit on the back row in the auditorium with the kids and I expect you can figure out why. Idus England was the preacher for the Seminole Church of Christ, and I have already told you a little about my friendship with him. He and Shane were going to be good friends. Idus is some where at or near 90 years old today, and he and I still talk from time to time. This was a very good time in our lives and we were enjoying life together.

KWSH-Radio was in kind of a mess and I had already found that my hands were going to be full for a while. At that point I just didn’t how short the time was going to be. Roy Judge who had given me my first job in radio had been the president of the little broadcasting company that owned KWSH in Wewoka and KADA in Ada. A few years earlier he had quit and they had sent the owners son to manage KWSH and he made a real mess of things, then they hired another character and he wasn’t much better. Jerry Spencer who had been my boss in Ada was now the president of the little company. I found out a few months later that I was to be the stations last chance.

Patty’s dad Leon Davis was the Personnel Manager at the local Blue Bell plant which was owned by the Wrangler Jeans folks. Leon by then had been a long time elder at the Seminole Church of Christ and was serving some where around his forth term on the Seminole City Council. He had never drawn an opponent in an election and was well liked in Seminole. Zelda Davis, Patty’s mom was the perfect elder’s and city councilmen’s wife. She was the bookkeeperfor B&L Electric who was owned by the father of one of the kids I had played high school football with. With a little help from Leon I soon met everyone connected with city government, and the Seminole Chamber of Commerce, and was instantly involved in the activities of the Seminole Church of Christ. I was about to start teaching my next group of high school students..

One of the men Leon introduced me to was Howard Roberts. I don’t remember what his official title with the City of Seminole was, however he was the head of the Operation Pride Program and the Keep Seminole Beautiful program which had won a national award the year before. My involvement with Howard Roberts will be a part of the next installment in this trip through life.