The Old Cowboy is thrilled to have my…

The Old Cowboy is thrilled to have my meager literary efforts included on The Fellowship Room pages along with such a great group of Bible scholars and teachers. Over the last year or so I have read many posts planted on social networks like Facebook, Google+ and other blogs. Many times what I see and read on the web takes me back to the days of being a rough around the edges pipeline welder’s brat. You remember the story of the days when I watched the church kids on the other side of the fence playing games and eating hotdogs. They never did invite me to jump the fence and join in. That upset me until the day a church kid namd Dickey, a twelve year old, about a year older them me sauntered over to the fence, and asked me if I was a Christian. I told him I reconed I was, and he asked me if I had been baptized, and I told him nope. That church kid proceeded to tell me I wasn’t a Christian and I was going to go to Hell. I looked him in the face and told him he could go to Hell, and I walked off. I was finished with those smart mouthed church kids. It took me twelve years and falling in love with a church girl before I had a clue about what he was getting at.

Today I see a lot of Dickey’s posting a lot of scriptures and condemning sound bites and telling people they are going to go to Hell. I always sit there thinking, you need to understand that most of the church kids on your side of the fence know what you are jawing about. On the other hand the rough around the edges pipeline welder’s brat on the other side of the fence has no clue what you are talking about.

Now take this in a kind way from an Old Cowboy that’s been on the other side of the fence. Throwing scriptures and condemning remarks into the crowd to see who you can hit, is not teaching a thing. A pretty and long haired country girl in my life, when I spout off something she doesn’t understand, will simply look at me and say “explain please.” It’s good advice and I have learned to pay attention to her.