The Old Cowboy over the years like most…

The Old Cowboy over the years like most my age has had a lot of experiences and been influenced by several people. I’ll hold the name of the individual mentioned below, however Phil Sanders of our writers and a couple of others will figure this one out. I really have a soft spot in my heart for this now little older preacher.

I was in my very early twentys and I was a very new member of the Lord’s body. We loaded up the kids and moved from Ada, Oklhoam to Seminole,Oklahoma in order for me to manage the radio station over in Wewoka. A couple of years prior my father-in-law had introduced me to the preacher in Wewoka, and he was one of the first I went to see. I found that when ever I unannounced walked through his door he always found time to answer my Bible questions. This preacher took the time required to make certain I totally understood his answer, which he always took directly from the Bible. In those years I watched him slowly peck at the mayor in Wewoka, who could out cuss any oilfield roustabout. This preacher didn’t let anything the mayor said or did stop him, he just kept after the task. In the end it was a Bible Study set up with the mayor’s wife that made the difference and the preacher baptized both of them.

After a few years this preacher moved off to Oklahome City to start another television show. He had done a television show back in 1953 that was very well liked. He was so dedicated to teaching from the Bible he did everything required to see that nothing distracted from the lesson. He was so careful on camera that he never wore jewelry, no rings, no watch, fancy pens and even used a hidden paperclip to hold his tie.

I guess to most it is easy to tell who I am talking about at this point. Now the real lesson behind this story is his example left an impression. Over all of these years this Old Cowboy preacher has learned a lot observing the attitude and example put forth by Mack Lyon. His dedication and approach to teaching God’s word has left a deep impression on me, as it has others. Now sit back and consider what example and impressions you are leaving with the young new Christians and the ones who will follow you in the pulpit, or in front of the television camera.