The Old Cowboy thought we should take a…

The Old Cowboy thought we should take a moment and look at the Coffman familie’s return to the Southwest Church of Christ in Ada, Oklahoma. On Sunday morning we got in the car and headed back to the Southwest Church of Christ building and pretty well picked up where we left off. The big difference was another member was teaching my high school Bible class. Patty and I had the opportunity to sit together in an adult Bible Class and learn from some great teachers together. Every now and then I had the opportunity to teach that high school Bible class and I taught a couple of adult classes too. I also seemed to spend a little more time down front each Sunday morning learning how to do everyting. My friend Tom, now the preacher still involved me in some of his one-on-one Bible studies with folks, and some were baptized. It wasn’t until a few years later it really struck me what Tom had been teaching me. I was learning how to conduct one-on-one Bible studies with folks, and I learned to answer some of those harder questions people will ask sitting at the kitchen table, and not in Bible class. Along with those lessons Patty and I were spending more time with friends in the church. Many of those friendships we made way back in the 1970’s I still enjoy today. Many are friends on Facebook along with their kids, and even some of their grandkids.

As a radio station time salesman I was meeting all kinds of folks with all kinds of religious backgrounds. One of our young announcers was a Mormon, and a couple of the kids that had “elder” on their name tags would hang around some. They finally got to where they would walk around the building so they didn’t have to walk by my office. They learned I had read all of their books and I asked questions they couldn’t answer.
On Saurday mornings I had a guy who came and took an hour of my show, and I have not been able to find his name. He was the preacher for the Freewill Baptist Church and the lead singer for the Ministers Quartet. I learned a lot from him and he and I had some very interesting conversations. Neither one of us ever backed down. Likely the most interesting pair of folks I met were Ted and Tommy Hudson, the owners of Hudson’s Furniture. Tommy best I remember was a Southern Baptist and Ted was one of the leaders of a very ultra conservative Church of Christ. Ted and I locked horns several times over various things. Mostly because we had been baptized the same way and for the same reasons and he refused to consider me his brother in Christ. He would get to where he would ask me why I didn’t come and worship with them. I went a couple of times, and I didn’t find any of the differences anyting to argue about. I would then invite him to come worship with us and he would get upset and say no. So I quit asking him. In reality we were friends and he played in a Bluegrass Band and would invite me to come hear them play, and they were pretty good. When all of the bluegrass bands would gather in the East Central University auditorium for a show, I would go emcee it.

I was learning a lot about people while I was involved in all of this. There is more to tell about my radio and rodeo experiences, and about our next move that would totally take us away from Ada, Oklahoma and finally to Omaha, Nebraska. Those stories are for another day.