The one-talent man in our congregation

Our one-talent man could become so much more than what he is, but he just isn’t interested or devoted to the Lord enough to develop his one talent.

The one-talent man in Matthew 25 is one of three servants given funds according to their separate abilities. There was one who was given five talents, a two-talent man and the man given just one talent. The point of the parable is that two of the servants developed their ability and were profitable servants because of their devotion. The one-talent man went and buried his money. He is called wicked and lazy because he had ability he refused to use to the glory of his Lord.

Taken as a whole, this chapter of Matthew points to a right and a wrong way to prepare for the coming of Christ. The five wise virgins  prepared to go into the marriage feast. The five foolish were not. The five-talent man worked diligently to develop his abilities in the Lord’s service and was rewarded. Likewise the two-talent man prepared himself for his Lord’s coming, but the one-talent man would not. Through mendacity and carelessness, he showed a lack of devotion.

We have such a one-talent brother, as almost every congregation has. He is very good dealing one-on-one with people, but he never uses that talent. For some reason no one is able to explain, he has buried that talent in the ground. He could bring many lost to Christ with his skills dealing with people, but he does not.

How do we encourage him to dig up his talent and put it to profitable use before the Lord comes?

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