The only truly unique thing in my life i…

The only truly unique thing in my life is my study of the Bible. I’m constantly amazed at the wonderful lessons it teaches — lessons that could take a lifetime to learn and impart.

I’m reminded of the beauty of Jehoshaphat and how he changed his ways in 2 Chronicles 19. Even though he had made an alliance with Ahab and given his son to marry the daughter of Jezebel, Jehoshaphat changed at the rebuke of Jehu and made things better in Judah. If anyone ever needed a lesson on repentance, Jehoshaphat provides it.

The change in Peter after he denied the Lord is also astounding. After the denial, Peter weeps, but by the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit’s power comes and Peter is now ready to preach the gospel and then stand before the Sanhedrin in Acts 3 and 4 with powerful defenses of the Lord Jesus. It is truly wonderful seeing the change in this man.

Every time I open my Bible there are new, interesting things before my eyes, like nuggets of pure gold just waiting to be found. It is truly unique.

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