The power of group think

The term “group think” has a negative connotation, everyone thinking the same thing. I use it in a different sense, for the grouping of individuals with a common goal, like this group weblog, as it is officially known in Internet terms.

The power and validity of this venue were given a powerful boost today with Michelle Malkin’s announcement of the sale of Hot Air, a conservative political group weblog, to Salem Communications. The site was envisioned as

“an Internet water cooler to hang out with your friends — a place where you could find all the political coverage you needed, but also a place where you could get comic relief, humpbot videos, the latest “Duuudes” and “Hmmms” and “Heart-aches,” and off-beat stories of the day.”

From a spiritual standpoint, that’s something similar to my vision of TFR, “a place to keep coming back to,” with a variety of posts from a select group of Fellows, bringing insight and wisdom and joy to a Christian community.

All that to say, I think we’re on the right track.

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