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The Recent Comment section is showing me bad links that go nowhere. Anybody confirm that? I’d hoped somebody back in the WP system had fixed that.

We’re in between meetings of SJCampos and Taubate churches, heading out to the latter in a few minutes. Takes 40 minutes from our house to the hotel conference room where we meet.

Have been talking with the SJCampos about new meeting place to rent. So much bureaucracy to wade through. Laws have become stricter for churches after some Pentecostal buildings caved in. Almost so much so that it’s nigh to impossible to find a good spot.

If the Gospel of Mark was written to Romans, as some suppose, it would be no coincidence that the writer has a Roman centurion exclaim in front of the cross, “Truly this man was the Son of God.” The gospel is for Romans too!

And Mark finds his voice. If he’s the cowardly young man who leaves his clothes in the authorities’ hands and runs, and the man who abandons Paul and Barnabas in mid-journey, he’s probably no dynamic public speaker or synagogue teacher. But he knows how to write a gospel to usher Romans before the cross and have them confess Christ. That’s a good evangelist.

I hope you’ve found your voice on this rainy, stormy Sunday.

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