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First  of all I want to thanks  all of you  who have, over the  last couple of years, have  “subscribed” and  opened  the  e-mail newsletter–I  really appreciate  it.  Starting  with last week’s e-mail newsletter, I have  started  using   “Constant Contact” for distributing it.  I have  noticed  an increase in the open  rate, and the  “click Rate.”

I am  asking that, first of all you all pray for the  outreach, and secondly, please take  time  to open the link below and “subscribe”  to the   newsletter. You can always “unsubscribe” if you like.

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Please feel free to make  suggestions and comments.  I  hope you will share this with others.

Yours In The Blessed Hope, (Titus 2:13)

Larry Miles, Louisville, KY

p.s.  Please pray for me as I am now preaching once a month at the Mackville Church of Christ in Washington County, KY (about 70 miles from Louisville)

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