The Seven “Faith Tribes” in America

Below you will find a  synopsis  of an  article I read today—

The Seven Faith Tribes (in the last Days): This is the title of a book by George Barna. It is said that there are more than 200 denominations in the U.S., it is dominated by “Seven Faith Tribes.” I thought you might like to see the results of his survey. Note: These are not terms we are familiar with, and as I wills say again below, the first 2 are not Biblical terms, but we have been called out of a world of darkness into the marvelous light of the Gospel to help others find their way out.

  1. Casual Christians – people who profess to be Christian but deny the power thereof. Two-thirds of all Americans represent “casual Christians.”
  2. Captive Christians – those who walk the talk. They represent one-sixth of the adult population.
  3. Mormons – slightly less than that “though its adherents are strikingly unified in their ideology and practice.”
  4. Pantheists – (Buddhism, New Age, etc.) are also slightly less than 2 percent of the public.
  5. Muslims – about one percent, but “growing in number.” [Two million of the sic million Muslims are American converts to Islam. Southeast Outlook, 12/31/2009]
  6. Skeptics – atheists or agnostics, nearly 11 percent strong, “are in essence, religiously irreligious.”

It has been said, “Like it or not, this is the world in which we now live. In my opinion it is up to the # 2 tribe to call the # 1 tribe to repentance. Then, together, we can learn to love our neighbors as ourselves – which would include learning how to pray for and witness to the remaining five tribes of America.”

We who are blessed to be Christians  must make it our aim to reach the lost for Jesus. People are lost without Christ (John 14:6). Are we, as the writer above says “Captive Christians”? I realize that that the first two terms are not in the Bible, but the concept surely is.

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