The shock of divine love

One of the wonderful blessings of working with non-Christians and new Christians is seeing the effect that the Word has upon hearts. Looking through their eyes at a passage of Scripture helps me to gain new perspective.

I’ve read the Bible since before I can remember. It was the first book put into my hands as a child. I can’t remember not hearing and reading it. So when someone reads the Bible for the first time, their reactions remind me of the power God has put into this book.

Last night during the reading of 1 Cor. 13, there were physical reactions when the realization hit that this kind of love is what we’re called to show to others: furrowing of the brow, tightening of the chest, eyes widening in amazement, the body first leaning forward, then collapsing against the sofa.

It’s a shock. And one that old timers like me need to feel now and again as well. Lest we forget.

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