The Sower

Who is the sower of the Lord’s parable (Matthew 13:3-8)? The explanation does not reveal his identity (vv. 19-23), yet we understand the “seed” to signify the message of the kingdom (v. 19), and later we discover that the sower appears to represent Jesus himself (v. 37). This offers additional clarity to the purpose of his preaching (4:17, 23; 9:35), and the four types of hearers he encountered (13:19-23).

Since the majority rejected, or eventually denied Jesus, we can expect a similar disposition from those who hear our message. Still, in the midst of a sea of rejection, there is the hidden treasure of good and honest hearts (Luke 8:15). These hearts are willing to hear, ready to learn, and capable of producing fruit. Therefore, as you bear witness about the light, remember that while many reject the testimony of Christ, some will believe, and by trusting, they will have life.

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