The things that we love

The elderly man had recently been moved from his home to a far away state. No doubt those moving him took as much as possible from his home but the house was left to sell fully furnished. We were invited by relatives who purchased the house to tour it and take anything we wanted. I picked up a few things but what I saw made a lasting impression.

 High on the top shelf in the kitchen cabinet were two tall and long stemmed glasses with the bottom part black in color. As I stood gazing up at those glasses I asked for them to be brought down for a closer look. The glasses held lasting memories to the elderly man and woman. No doubt they had made this house their home for many years. Probably they had celebrated a historic anniversary and the glasses were used in the celebration. The glasses held such memories they chose not to part with them, so they placed them high on the cabinet shelf where they could see them and remember that occasion.

It was sad to walk through the house and see things they had loved and held dear to their hearts. They were no longer there, but their things remained. It’s almost like dying. We leave it all when we depart this life. Dottie Rambo wrote in her famous and true song, “All the things we have loved and held close to our hearts, they’re just borrowed, they’re not ours at all.”

The house was left as when the man departed. Some things had been removed already but much was still there. When we depart this life whatever we were engaged in last will be left where we placed it. We won’t need it anymore. It will no longer be important to us. We’ll leave it all behind.

The memories we shared and held dear to our hearts will no longer be important. The glasses on the shelf, the book we were reading, the framed loved ones pictures, all will be left in their places and will hold little interest for those who walk through the place we loved and called home.

While reading in the book of Luke Friday morning I was reminded that the treasures we lay up in heaven are the important treasures. They will last throughout eternity. The things that we love and hold close to our hearts are just borrowed. They’re not ours at all.

Let us not forget.