The, tongue in cheek, woe of a 2014 preacher

I woke up this morning ready to go but my notes already beat me to it.

I could find them if it wasn’t for space, the vast black hole that’s the center of my desk.

Computers abound, PC and apple, with a tablet and smart phone in the mix.

But the computing power all starts to drown when my paper notes are amiss.

I would pay my kid to find where they’re at, but they would get distracted as well.

For scattered abroad in this organized mess are kid’s pictures and their drawing papers too.

What will I preach if I can’t find my notes, what will become of my woe?

Wait a second, right there, right there, it’s the place I knew I wouldn’t forget.

What a relief, oh what a relief, now time can go back to pulling out my hair!


P.S. – I know every line doesn’t rhyme – that’s why I’m a preacher and not a poet. And it’s hard to think straight when you’re looking for your notes 🙂

#poetry, #preaching