The True Tragedy

A USA TODAY article about former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez said that he “had played in a Super Bowl and signed a $40 million contract extension before his 24th birthday. His future was one of endless possibilities,” The article went on to say, “the tight end sits in jail, now a convicted murderer; let his downward spiral be a cautionary tale.”

There is more sadness to this “cautionary tale.” If Aaron Hernandez never obeys the gospel through faith, repentance, confession and baptism for the remission of sins, there is a much more unnecessary wasted aspect waiting: there is the possibility that his soul may be lost.

Sometimes the truly important escapes the world’s notice. What is a greater tragedy? Is it that Hernandez will never wear another NFL uniform or catch a pass in a professional football game, or is it that Hernandez may die an unrepentant sinner?

It is just as Jesus said, “Life is more than food and the body than clothing,” (Luke 12:23 NASB). There is more to life than how much money a person makes or how well one excels in sport.