The Twitter Fad Is Over

This is the latest article regarding the social network called “Twitter”:

The article brings out the fact that only those who are die hard Twitter users remain faithful in using the service.

A quote from the article:

“The trend-followers, Oprah fans, curious tire kickers and others have gotten bored or frustrated and wandered away. Meanwhile, the kinds of people who can take advantage of Twitter are really getting into it and getting more out of it.”

Personally, I like the quick and concise communication concept of Twitter. You can’t “beat-around-the-bush” on Twitter. You’ve got to get what you want said in as few words as possible – not like the never ending talk shows on T.V.

It’s a very quick and practical way of promoting your congregation’s web site, a personal blog, or any other medium of spreading the gospel of Christ. We need to take advantage of every opportunity and means we have at our disposal in promoting the saving gospel of Christ – Twitter is one of those means.

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