Bible verse and lesson outline from Judges: quickly turned aside

judges-israelJudges 2.17 will be a major passage that I’ll work with this weekend at the northeast lectureship, as a I teach on the NT church as The Way:

But they did not obey their leaders. Instead they prostituted themselves to other gods and worshiped them. They quickly turned aside from the path their ancestors had walked. Their ancestors had obeyed the Lord’s commands, but they did not.

Some of the points are:

  1. Quickly. People once did and still do turn away quickly from the way of God. This means all watchfulness is necessary.
  2. Path, or way. Important designation here that is used all throughout Scripture. Amazing in the NT that The Way is used both of Jesus (Jn 14.6) and of the church (Acts).
  3. Obedience. “The Way of obedience to the commandments of God” is the NVI translation, nicely put. Obedience characterizes this way.
  4. Choice. Emphasis laid on decisions that the different generations made about obeying God.

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