The winds and tides assail us

• Any suggestions on how to budge a person out of indecision to obey the Lord? Said person gets a nearly weekly dose of the Bible, but no obedience is forthcoming, this after years of knowing the truth. Prayer, check. Occasional direct and pointed exhortations, check.

• Today’s New Testament reading is 2 Cor. 13, finishing up that letter. Tomorrow starts the gospel of John. One chapter out of the NT per weekday. Start with us on the gospel tomorrow, if you’re not following some sort of schedule for Bible reading.

• An elderly widower in the congregation lives alone in cramped, rented quarters, no family to care for him. What family he does have apparently does little to help him. He’s been battling cancer, and has developed a tremor in his hands and chin whose cause is as yet undiagnosed. Life is hard for many, not least, the elderly.

• The church here has cared for this brother, recently, in several ways, from making sure he gets exams and treatments, to providing some meals. He’s gone back to doing a few light, odd jobs, because he can’t stand having so much time on his hands.

• Life changes can happen fast. Sickness, retirement, widowhood, unemployment, estrangement, accidents. injury, war, natural disasters (that perhaps should be at the head of the list these days). How fragile is life! And how tenaciously we cling to it! Death is not natural, so what peace to know that Christ has given us what cannot be injured or destroyed by the vagaries of this turbulent world.

The winds and tides assail us,
On reefs our lives are wrecked;
Our feeble rowings fail us,
To save, preserve, protect. —

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