The Work and Craft of Preaching

Essay 2

This is not an essay, I suppose. For sequential purposes, however, I will keep it as one though.

Paul’s letter to Titus is short, but equally as instructive as his first letter to Timothy. To begin, God used preaching to get His word out to the community of man (1:3). Titus was a preacher that Paul, presumably, taught and trained; he was left on Crete in order “set things in order that are lacking.” This consisted of getting men in place to serve as elders. As a preacher Paul tasked Titus with the charge of rebuking talk and ideas that were contrary to godliness. It would be interesting if Paul had Titus do this with those not in the church, but this does not appear to be the case (1:10-16). Are not elders to do this? I think so, but until they are in place, the elders as a group can’t. Titus needed to do so. Paul gave Titus instructions concerning how to approach people, and what he as a preacher was to teach them to embrace. With regard to those desiring to walk faithfully before the Lord, Titus was to teach godliness and behavioral modification (2:1-10). In fact, as one adorned God’s doctrine (living godly), those same ones were looking for the Lord’s return.

This is an important point to not overlook. We should be looking for the Lord’s return; this world is not our home, and to live as if we serve the “god of this world” is to bring disaster on ourselves.