The Work and Craft of Preaching


The preacher in society is looked upon in a particular way, but no matter how he is looked at, he is God’s servant, and it is to the Lord that he must seek approval. It is a tall task, but one well worth the time and labor to engage in. if one loses sight of what is important, then preaching will be seen and experienced much differently than that which God has laid out. There is nothing easy about being a preacher, but the hard task of preaching and being a preacher is made easier when the focus is properly placed. Those who think the preacher does not work but three-four hours a week are the same people who would fail miserably as being a preacher. A large percentage of the people with which I have contact try to understand the work and load that is carried by a preacher, but unless you are one, there is no real understanding that a non-preacher can have. Nevertheless, those who do try to understand, they are greatly appreciated.

Preaching, to me, is not work, it is my life. I don’t look upon “going to the office” in any negative way. In fact, I enjoy it immensely. My office is my “sanctuary”; it is a place where I am with God, listening to God, talking with God. It is a place where I am challenged, where I can reflect – and write essays!