The World Almanac and Book of Facts polled 2000 eighth-graders to discover whom they most admired and wanted to be like. Every single person they named was an entertainer or sports figure. There were no politicians, no doctors, no ministers, no statesmen, no authors, and no presidents; if you weren’t an entertainer or sports icon, you weren’t on the list. The list did not contain a single figure who had made a substantial contribution to society. I remember who I most admired when I was in the eighth grade. We had a caring and personable preacher at our church who cared not only about adults but about eighth graders as well. Billy Ringgold had a quick smile and a friendly demeanor. He helped people be better people. Aside from my own dad, he was the one I most admired and wanted to be like. Guess what? I’m still trying. This is Just-A-Minute.