Theological terrorists? (he means you and me)

On page 69 of his confusion-driven book, A New Kind of Christianity, Brian McLaren says,

“As much as we love the Bible, many of us are afraid that the Bible is becoming a box cutter or suitcase bomb in the hands of too many preachers, pastors, priests, and others. When careless preachers use the Bible as a club or sword to dominate or wound, they discredit the Bible in a way that no skeptic can.”

Now, I am not in favor of anyone’s handling the Bible carelessly. However, I do remember a passage about the Bible’s being a sword. McLaren’s problem is that he wants to be considered a Bible believer while simultaneously discrediting practically everything the Bible teaches. In McLaren’s world, the Bible is not to be used as an “ethical rule book” to say, for example, that homosexuality is a sin. No wonder he’s on the search for a “new approach to the Bible.” He also has no problem denying the Bible’s miracles and embracing Darwinian evolution. In fact, he makes a mockery of Scripture with just about every third sentence he writes.

I notice another strange aspect of his book in that McLaren evidently buys into the idea we have a climate crisis and that what we do about the environment is as important as what we do about abortion (at least he gives that impression from the way he lumps things together).

Sadly, I’ve got 200 more pages of this to read. How McLaren can rise to prominent leadership among any group that claims to respect the Bible is testimony to the devil’s craftiness. Then again, to make such a statement would, in McLaren’s world, be akin to using my Bible as a suitcase bomb. He wouldn’t appreciate it. The feeling is mutual.

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