There are days when I do not WANT to hav…

There are days when I do not WANT to have a good attitude. On those days, I just go to my little corner of the world and POUT. People don’t want to be around me with this self-absorbing attitude (and who can blame them).

While these days do occur, I try to no allow them to occur much.

1. My defeat is not another person’s problem, so I don’t make it theirs.
2. My defeat is only temporary, so why have a bad attitude that is long term?
3. Bad attitudes are self-defeating, so I make a conscience choice to not have one.

I try to have a good attitude for two human reasons:
1. It helps to have one in order to get through the day.
2. Other people want to be associated with people who have good attitudes.

Another reason that is more godly is Philippians 4:8; 4:13; 3:13-14