There are many things that catch my atte…

There are many things that catch my attention when I think (read) of the words of another. Today, the following caught my attention: “The fixed knowledge of those things would fortify their minds against the seductive insinuations of false teachers, who mix just so much truth with their fallacies as often to give them the fascinations of honesty and candour, and who impose them as the result of superior enlightenment, and of an extended and advantageous research” (p. 112).

These are the words of John Eadie (commentary on Colossians, 1856). Currently doing some work on Colossians that I will submit, in due time, to P Sanders. However, as a result of an assignment given to me (others), I took note of these words and have liked them. Thus, I have cut and pasted them in a document (article) that I am working on. I have been quite aware of this approach for some years, but it was good to read it from a man who lived over 150 years ago.

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