Thinking out loud

The Fellows were really popping out the posts until the afternoon, then … silence. Only Mike R. has chimed in. And here I was preparing a list of times that posts had been made throughout the day to show how good this was working. Counting my chickens before …

Ever think of food as a mood enhancer? Makes a difference to your mood what you eat, so with good diet you may be able to exert less mental effort to control those clouds over your head. I’m doing a bit of research here, wondering why I felt so good today, more than most days, for no apparent reason. Or maybe it was just cooler today than normal?

I sometimes kid Brazilians that I like the cold better than the heat, so I should have moved to Siberia or Alaska. They just give me a weird look. Nobody around here likes cold weather.

Some of our folk in the church who live here, transplanted from the northeast where the heat is oppressive, have gone back to visit family and come back complaining of the heat. I like to hear that, and kid them about it. But the heat in our part of the country hasn’t been mild this past summer. And though we’re into Fall, it shows little sign of abating.

Have been thinking of magazines lately, since they’ve been much in the news, as well as items closer to home. How to revamp the one I do here. How to consider what’s needed in English also, if any. How to pull together some options. Just thinking. Barbara and I do have a little plan up our sleeves, if we can ever settle down and pull it off. Just thinking …

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