Thinking Past the Flood

I covered for my wife’s Bible class this morning, teaching middle school children. We were looking at the story of the flood and the Ark.

Something occurred to me. As with so much of the Old Testament, the things that were done happened for more reasons than seemed apparent at the time.

From our perspective, thousands of years out, we see that the flood happened for other reasons than simply to punish mankind for sin. The flood prepared man for the eventual final judgment of God. While the second instance will occur because of fire (2 Peter 3:10), the totality of the destruction of the judgment will far exceed what God accomplished in Genesis. A taste of what God can do, ought to be enough to get our attention!

The Ark prepared man to understand the Church, when it was established. Only those who were righteous and added by God, were allowed into the Ark. A study of the comparisons of the Ark and the Church are profoundly revealing.  In fact, if we examine the Ark and the  Church, several of the persistent misunderstandings people have about the church, disappear.

The story is also a sobering reminder of the wrath of God and the powerful grace of the Father, who saved Noah and his family. We must heed the lessons of the Genesis flood, if we wish to be in heaven for all eternity.

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