This fish doesn’t flop

Good morning, friends, it’s 50ºF here in southeastern Brazil, a bit chilly when you don’t have indoor heating.

The excitement of The Maiden’s birthday yesterday is now history. If you’re on Facebook, you can see some photos of us at her birthday supper last night. Has long been tradition at our house that the birthday child gets to choose where to eat. Check out her choice.

Walking with God has posted a new item: “How not to be a flopping fish.” You can read the post in full here.

The NET Bible takes the verse of the devotional (coming from our daily reading in John 6) as a parenthetical statement, but it deserves some thought.

This post’s title almost got put as “This fish don’t flop,” for effect, but I didn’t want to put an explanation in the text for all the English majors and teachers that, yes, I knew it was ungrammatical.

It’s wrong, but it still sounds better. And there are portions of the American population (such as where I came from) that speak this way. I could have claimed that I was reverting to my roots and left it at that.

Oh, well, we’ll leave it at that. Moving on …

Much to do today, for which I’m thankful. I pray all your efforts have a focus and the purpose of God in them.

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