Thoughts on home

What comes to mind when you think of home? The familiar. The sights and smells of normal. Water that tastes “right.” That comfortable chair. Same goes for the bed. Peace and quiet. The regular routine. But mostly home is about the people you love. Everything else can be in place, but if the ones you love aren’t there, it doesn’t really feel like home.

Someday we will all be home–when all the family will be gathered in. What a day that will be. And Barbara is already a step ahead of us.

I’ve met so many of our brothers and sisters for the first time and, after a few hours of talking, felt like I’d known them all my life. I wonder if this won’t happen over, and over, and over again in heaven.

Growing up, my immediate family wasn’t large. My present family isn’t either, so heaven will be a change, but it’s a change I can get used to.

Having participated in the Fellowship Room for a few months, I have a great desire to meet every one of you. I realize that will not likely happen this side of heaven, but I’m confident we will meet–someday. And talk. And in a very short span it will seem as if we had always known each other. Till then.

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