Thoughts to sleep with and wake up to

Last week I asked the regular members of our home Bible reading group, both Christians and non-Christians, for suggestions and ideas on what we could do to improve the group. We had just studied 1Co 10.1-13 with a good deal of explanation of the OT background, so one idea that resonated with most was to do more reading from the OT.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve read fairly exclusively from the New, basing the readings on a yearly NT plan. So we’ll alternate between the Old and New this year.

One person wasn’t as excited about going to the Old, but tonight, after our reading was over, she seemed content with what we had gained from it.

We had 11 people present tonight, four of whom were not Christians, a bit better than our average.

I’m a great believer in such small groups. They provide opportunity to know each other better and allow for adapting the material better to the needs of the participants. They’re great especially for people who’ve had little or no introduction to the Bible. And there are plenty of such folk around.

Of course, I’m thinking in terms of evangelistic outreach. It’s one of the 13 approaches we want to use this year, so we hope to maximize efforts like our home group.

• Looks like I’ll be giving a seminar, probably on evangelism, in N. Little Rock AR in late February or early March. If you’re anywhere within driving distance, do come and share the moment with us. We still have specific dates to set up, format, and other details, but it looks like it will come together. I’m thankful to the Somers Ave. congregation for the invitation.

• I had asked prayers here on TFR for Wash., as I studied with him last night. Last week he wanted to wait until June, when he went back to his hometown, to be baptized. Last night he said he was rethinking that idea, after I told him that delay was a dangerous decision, in view of the Lord’s return at any moment and of the possibility of death for any of us. So continue praying, as we continue studying, and as he continues to reconsider his decision. For your prayers are having an effect.

• Since we’re on the subject of evangelism, let me link, again, to the little study by J.T. Bristow, “A Few Minutes with Someone Who Loves You,” that we’ve adapted to the Internet. Other good materials are out there as well, like the DVD, also online, “Searching for Truth.” Studies like these are more extensive for when you have longer periods of time to work with someone. And there’s WBS, as well. I’d be interested to know of your recommendations also.

• It’s all about mindset, I’m learning. To see every person who is not a child of God as a target of his grace, the objective of his love, the reason for the death of Christ. As one who must be told, who must hear, who must come to put his trust in Christ, who must obey the gospel. And then to ask, how can I make it happen, by God’s power, so that this person can have at least one opportunity to know what heaven did to save him and what he needs to do to be saved.

• Those are the thoughts we need to go to sleep with, and the thoughts we need to wake up to.

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