Three announcements of Jesus’ death in Gospel of Mark

Earlier I had read about Jesus’ three announcements of his death in Mark 8-10. But this morning I noticed the events before and after each one:

Confession of his identity (8.27-30)
….. Announcement 1 (8.31-9.1)
Manifestation of his identity (9.2-13)

A child shows disciples’ failure at grandeur (9.14-32)
….. Announcement 2 (9.30-32)
A child exposes disciples’ ambition for grandeur (9.33-37)

A rich man refuses to give up riches (10.17-31)
….. Announcement 3 (9.32-34)
Two disciples reach for power (10.35-45)

The first, of course, highlights Jesus’ identity. The next two sets show man’s failure to follow Jesus example. And the whole series of three ends with, tadah! the theme verse of Mark, that Jesus came to serve and give his life as a ransom.

I’m still pondering the meaning of it all.

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