Thursdays are a sometimes day off for me…

Thursdays are a sometimes day off for me, but since we had workers at the house banging around doing some work, I fled to the office for some think time, to brainstorm for next year and plan a site update and changes in direction for the Portuguese-language meditation Deus Conosco. Time already to organize for 2010.

I was reading yesterday that Fiat in Brazil has a four or five-year investment period, in which they plan to spend a few billion in their operations within that time frame. They’re spending $5 billion Reais (2-point-something billion in dollars) 2008-2010. They’re studying how much to invest during the 2011-2015 period.

That’s man for you. Thinking ahead. Preparing for tomorrow. Animals live from paw to mouth. God has put eternity in the heart of man, has stamped his creative impulse upon his image, so that man tinkers, imagines, forecasts, breaks a project into now and next week, next year even, or the next decade. And, why not?, into eternity.

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