Time to plan

Humanity, for the most part, is very predictable. For example, most of humanity would acknowledge that they could live better lives—-if they would. Those who believe in God will acknowledge that it is far better to talk and act as Jesus would—-yet they do not. Most would acknowledge that their life or things in their life would be easier if they were more organized—-but they never quite get around to becoming organized. Many would admit that they could use their time more effectively—-still they live in a rush while wasting so much precious time.

Many who receive and enjoy these Joshua Generation e-bulletin see some of the benefits in adding these Christian and leadership characteristics to their life—-but few ever try to formulate a plan to become more Christlike in these areas. The most common excuse for not improving ourselves is “I don’t have the time.” We say it different ways: I’m so busy; I wish I could; I will tomorrow; I will when things slow down; I’ll have to rearrange my schedule.

A singing group called the “Byrds” released a song written in 1959 by Bob Seeger and titled it, “Turn, Turn, Turn.” They made an adapted lyrics out of the words of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. In the text of Ecclesiastes 3:1, Solomon points out that there is a time for every purpose upon the earth. As I read the list of things which Solomon includes in man’s purposes under the sun, I am struck that there is only one purpose that really make a difference. It is not listed, but it is implied in verse 17 of the third chapter. There is a time of judgment by God. Brothers and sisters we need to have a plan for eternity. That means we need to have a plan in life for becoming like Christ as we walk upon this earth (Gal. 2:20; Phil. 1:21). Let’s make our plan specific. Let’s plan for spirituality. Let’s plan to obey God.

Mike Glenn