To a new Christian

On the other side of the world, a sister in Christ invited people to write to a new convert. Here is my note.

Dear —-,

News of your baptism and decision to follow the Lord Jesus Christ came to Brazil and caused rejoicing on this side of the world. We pray you may never waver in your commitment to him.

There will be, as a part of God’s will, suffering for Christ, which he will give us strength to bear joyfully. His joy has been separated from our circumstances, so that nothing may extinguish it. His promise of eternal life leaves us a taste already of what that will be like. We have traded the here and now for a future beyond description. Our present journey will be short, our trials, brief, until we receive the promise, which will be ours forever. Keep this in sight, for the Way consists of this faith.

Welcome, sister, to this new adventure, where each day God presents himself to us and we may learn more of the wonderful character of our Creator and Father who has invited us to heaven with himself.


What would your letter say?

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