To Fellows: posts, pages, temps

This is a housekeeping post, so readers can skip it, if you want; or read it, if you’re interested in backstage stuff. (“Backstage” is not quite the right word, but I can’t remember the English term for “bastidores” just now, and my dictionary is at the office.)

  • I’ve updated the About page, have a good read with the extra items, especially toward the end. Not correcting just anybody, this is called prevention.
  • Anybody want to take on the Monday-Friday readers’ news open-thread post? Not much needed, except a bit of creativity to say the same thing over a thousand different ways. There. Have I frightened you? No need to be afraid. You can do it from your username, no need to be “TFRStaff,” unless that sends a tingle up your leg.
  • If, as a Fellow, you’ve not suggested a Good Work yet to be included in the list in the lower right column, please send me your submission for that area. You should have my email by now.
  • I’ve created a page called “Fellows” featuring each Fellow who has at least three posts and has posted since the new year. (It’s nice to be able to make up rules.) If you are such a lucky soul, send to my email (any of them) a one-liner about yourself and the link (just one, thank you) to your blog or website.
  • Just for fun: I’m sweating in 90+º weather. I could use some of your snow. You probably want my temps. Let’s trade …

#fellows, #housekeeping