To the folks on TFR that are on Facebook…

To the folks on TFR that are on Facebook:

Jim Estabrook sent a message to the members of Apologetics Press (I am one of the members)..

Subject: AP Fan Page

Dear friends,

Apologetics Press recently learned that when our Facebook group exceeded 5,000 members, we were no longer able to message our members. Since we would like to provide our members with occasional updates of our work, we have decided to transition to a Facebook “fan page” and phase out our present A.P. group. A Facebook “fan page” will allow us to message all of our members, regardless of the size of the group. We hope that you will take a few moments and join our fan page, and invite your friends to do the same. The present Facebook group will be officially terminated on February 10. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

Please go to the following link and join our new fan page:

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