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In the edition of “Hugh’s News & Views” of today’s date, I mentioned a restoration history list of which I have been a member for several yrs. I mentioned a recent series of posts on that list. I did not call the name of the individual or the name of the history list. However, Phillip Morrison, now of Austin, TX was the individual I was referencing. Brother Morrison believes I have misrepresented him in today’s issue of “Hugh’s News & Views.” He says he only used an illustration (emphasis mine, hf) of how shocked and surprised anyone coming from the past would be regarding many things in the present. (Homosexuality and same-sex marriage had been mentioned in the thread.) I do not wish to be guilty of misrepresenting brother Morrison and sincerely apologize to him and to all of my readers if I have done so.

He has requested that I run the following post which he made this morning at 9:15 (CDT) to the internet history list of which we both are members and which he copied to me. Brother Morrison also has requested that I include the original series of posts to the history list in which this matter was mentioned. I have done that also and it follows brother Morrison’s statement to me.

It is never my intention to misrepresent anyone’s views, and when I do so I am most happy to apologize and make correction. Here is brother Morrison’s statement to me this morning, followed by the exchanges on the history list. (Hugh Fulford)



You misrepresented me in your Hughs News & Views earlier today. Although not referring to me by name, I dont recall anyone else on the list referring to lime green cars. In a post on July 28, you said, It is interesting how things continue to play out in our history. I think it be [sic] quite fascinating if Barton W. Stone, the Campbells, Walter Scott, Raccoon John Smith, Samuel Rogers, even Lipscomb and Larimore, could return to the scene today to see how their heirs are doing business?

In response to a post by Greg Demmitt the same day, I said, With respect to Hughs question about how pioneers of the movement would feel about the current state of affairs, I am quite sure they would be shocked and disappointed. But I think that would be true of older generations generally. Henry Ford would be mortified to see his company turning out lime green cars when everyone knows they should be black. Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln would hardly recognize the nation we have become. David Lipscomb and James A. Harding, if they had come back when I was a student, would have bristled at the idea they would have to shave their beards before they could teach or study in their own school. We live in the present, not the past.

In your article today, you told your readers, I find it utterly amazing that anyone would make what Moses the prophet of God called an abomination (Leviticus 18:22; 20:13) and what Paul the inspired apostle of Christ labeled as being that which is against nature (Romans 1:26-27) analogous to lime green cars! I hardly see how it would be possible for anyone to more egregiously trivialize such a serious moral matter! Lime green cars and same-sex marriage on an equal level?!

That is a misrepresentation. I made no such analogy. I referred to lime green cars merely to illustrate that anyone coming from the past would be surprised by many things in the present. I expanded the illustration with references to Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, as well as David Lipscomb and James A. Harding. The illustrations are mine. The analogy is yours.

I am copying this reply to the SC list as I have no way of know (sic) the circulation of Hughs News & Views and the original post was an SC list matter. I am requesting a correction, including my original post and the explanation above.


Phillip Morrison


I (Hugh Fulford) wrote to a restoration history site as follows on July 29, 2013 at 1:44 A.M. (CDT):

I have to wonder if lime green cars and beards are analogous to homosexuality and same-sex marriage. There was a time in our preaching when we emphasized the necessity of being washed white (I Cor. 6:9-11), but now it appears that some of us think that all that is needed is just a little white-wash! Yes, without doubt, some among us have “evolved,” and supposedly that means we are a “living church.” Well, the church at Sardis had “evolved,” had a name that it was alive, but the Lord’s evaluation of it is that it was dead! (Rev. 3:1-6).

Once more, in the words of the old apostle, “I marvel.” I absolutely marvel! Or, as I wrote a few yrs ago, “Who would have ‘thunk’ it?”

Hugh Fulford