Tomorrow is not promised

Rising Joy, by Vicki Matheny

A person’s life is like grass. Like a flower in the field it flourishes, but when the hot wind blows by, it disappears, and one can no longer even spot the place where it once grew. But the Lord continually shows loyal love to his faithful followers, and is faithful to their descendants, to those who keep his covenant, who are careful to obey his commands. Psalm 103.15-18

Here today. Gone tomorrow. If we could come to accept this truth! Life is short and it is not promised beyond now. Now is really the only time that I have. Life is fragile. Just as a hot wind can end the life of the flower, our lives can be ended by something that might seem so menial, so simple. So many after death are remembered rarely on earth by loved ones if at all. The contrast here is to God’s loyal love. God continues to show love to his faithful followers. There is a catch. The followers must keep his covenant which today we find in the New Testament. They must also be careful to obey his commands. They cannot think that they have all the time in the world to obey the Lord’s commands and put obedience off until tomorrow. Tomorrow is not promised. But, the love of the Lord for those who obey him is a steady constant in our lives that can serve as an anchor during rough times. Something that we can hold on to. Something that we can have forever.

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