Toughest question

Toughest question. I don’t know what the toughest question I have ever been asked, but I can say what tough question I was given that made a difference in my life. It was about the year 1983; I was in Tucson, AZ, playing in a Rugby tourney. I was rooming with a fellow, about my age, who was pondering meaning in life. At this time I had already become a Christian. He was a nominal Christian, as best I can recall, but he was very disappointed in answers given to his questions; answers that seemed to be more platitudes than substance. I was in a state of “I’ve just got to know,” and this motivated me to search, research, and think deep on issues. In the Lord, I was only a mere matter of months old, but when we talked on the Bible, the one question he asked that had prompted me to travel the road I have is, “How do I know that the Bible was not a book written by man?” I gave an answer that he was only partially satisfied with, and that was frustrating to me. Since that time, however, I have learned that at the time I would not have been able to give him an adequate response because I simple had not enough learning to answer the question like I can today.

That single question did more for me than I realized.