Tozer on lack of Christian discipline

Mr. Tozer had the following to say about the Protestant churches of his day that he knew. May it never be said of a church of God among us.

The amount of loafing practiced by the average Christian in spiritual things would ruin a concert pianist if he allowed himself to do the same thing in the field of music. The idle puttering around that we see in church circles would end the career of a big league pitcher in one week. No scientist could solve his exacting problem if he took as little interest in it as the rank and file of Christians take in the art of being holy. The nation whose soldiers were as soft and undisciplined as the soldiers of the churches would be conquered by the first enemy that attacked it. Triumphs are not won by men in easy chairs. Success is costly. —A.W. Tozer, We Travel an Appointed Way, 26.

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