Travel, links, books everyone should read, etc.

On FMag I shared a bit about our day yesterday with the Baker Heights congregation. Great group, please do read.

Tonight, we eat with a couple of families from the congregation. Tomorrow, I’ll check on some relatives of mine here who are in bad health, confined to home, whom we didn’t get to see yesterday. Then, we’ll head for Denton where we’ll give our good Fellow Weylan the blessing of our presence.

So we’ll have, this trip, the pleasure of being with old friends and new.

• Thursday, we head east again, perhaps stopping in N. Little Rock before moving on to Nashville and seeing how the new grandson has grown his first week of life.

• HCU is offering a course on Isaiah and Jeremiah June 11-15. Must be a short course. Ought to be a great study. I might just see if they’d let me squeeze in for a listen. Audit, maybe? If I can work around church visits.

• Be sure to catch Chuck Webster’s devotional today, “Wet Feet.” He always has something bracing to say.

• Have I mentioned that you should get and read Robert Martin’s autobiography that focuses on their work in the Pacific Islands? I’m reading it now. It was published last year. Missionary biographies and autobiographies ought to be required reading among us. A mere five bucks for 335 pages and tons of photos.

• Donna Hanson told me her father Joe Betts has written an autobiography of his 50 years in kingdom work in Japan. I want a copy when it is released. I had the honor of meeting him and his wife last night. I ignored a lot of people to get to talk to him for a bit longer. People like him are my heroes.

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