Rising Joy by Vicki Matheny

But no stranger had to spend the night outside, for I opened my doors to the traveler – Job 31.32

God had allowed Satan to test Job’s integrity. Job did not understand what was happening to him, but he remained firm in his faith. He gave a defense of his actions in this chapter as he justified how he had behaved up to that time.

Inns were not as commonly used during this time. It was a practice for people to accept travelers into their home, providing food and shelter for them. Job affirms that he had been one to invite others into his home.

Many years ago, my family of three, at the time, was traveling to visit family. We were in a borrowed car. The car had given us problems since the beginning of the trip. We arrived at a town in Arkansas off the normal routes since we preferred not to take the interstate. Once again, the car began to present problems. Stopping at the building of the local congregation of the Lord’s church, we went in to seek information and help in finding someone who could look at the car.

Not only did we receive help with information regarding a mechanic, we also were offered a place to stay while the car was being fixed. We actually ended up spending the night since the car would not be fixed until the next day!

I am thankful for the family that opened their home to a young couple with a three month old baby. I recognize that we must be cautious about inviting strangers into our home. However, let us also remember that some have entertained angels without knowing it, Hebrews 13.2.

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