Trendsetter Ron?

I will likely never be a trendsetter. . .at least that’s what my kids tell me. I have to have a button up shirt with a collar and a pocket. I wear jeans–same style I’ve worn for decades. Between those things and the buzz cut I won’t make the front of any magazines any time soon. Once I got past the days of leisure suits, fads no longer drew me in.

The progressive movement has had numerous charismatic leaders and writers who have swayed large numbers of people. They’ve been trendsetters. People looked to them for the latest and greatest fads. Many of those fads had their origin in large megachurches like Saddleback.

Is it wrong to pluck a seemingly good idea from some other group and make it your own? Not necessarily. It depends on the process you go through before incorporating it.

The first question many progressives seem to ask is, “Does it bring in more people?” After praying about it and determining that the Spirit is leading them in this direction, it’s suddenly o.k. since it seems the end justifies the means. Who can argue? Dare anyone question the leading of the Spirit and sincere brothers by suggesting another test?

However, we must always ask this question. Does it fit within the framework laid out in the New Covenant? Or more simply, “Is it scriptural?” Be noble. Search the scriptures for yourself. Pray for wisdom and guidance. Seek wise counsel. Ask them to explain scriptures you’ve found or to suggest scriptures to consider and don’t ask for their opinions. Just remember to begin and end with scripture, specifically the New Testament, the covenant we as Christians live under.

Actually this goes not only for new ideas, but old ones as well. I am a Christian. I am not called to be anything else. I’m not a traditionalist. I’m not a progressive. I do not decide what to do or believe by checking out Saddleback or the writings of Campbell and Stone. While I greatly admire many of our Restoration leaders they too are men and not inspired.

Is this the new trend Ron was talking about? I hope so. The extreme polarizations we have experienced in the last number of years have been so tiresome. I hope many more people will return to the idea of simply being Christians. Lets skip the extra rule-making of the traditionalists and the ignoring of clear teachings by progressives. God is sovereign whether we respect His sovereignty or not. We had better make it our goal to please Him and not ourselves. Judgment day is coming brothers and sisters so let’s get ready now.

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