Trust but verify

When Ronald Reagan was President someone asked him about his trust of Russia. He answered that there was an old Russian saying, and he quoted the words in Russian then pronounced them in English “Trust but verify.” Gorbachev was on the stage with him at the time and he said, in Russian, “You say that every time we meet.”

In the last few months I have come to believe in that statement more than ever.

When we first started using email and folks started sending messages and “forwarding” information, I thought it was a good thing. What a wonderful way to broaden our horizons and information. It broadened our reach and knowledge more than we had ever known before. That was a good thing.

But lately, I have remembered that saying more and more, partly because this administration seems to exceed all administrations in prevarication and partly because I have received so many forwards that have been totalally false, some of them completely made up.

A few months ago I received a “Forward” I thought was good and sent it to my son, who emailed me back that it was a total falsehood. It upset me and I checked it out to find he was right. Since then, I make sure to check everything, especially those things that have to do with politics. I also do not “forward” until I verify.

People need to understand, that to make up something that is totally false and spread it around, accomplishes absolutely nothing but to make them look bad, not be trusted by anyone eventually. It is easy to check items that one receives. is a good site but if you don’t trust them is another one. It doesn’t take that long and saves you from spreading falsehoods and looking foolish.

Another thing, you don’t have to threaten someone with something if they don’t “pass this on.” Some of them are downright ridiculous and besides, they are unnecessary.

And hey, when you forward, why don’t you remove all those names it was sent to when it was sent to you. It only takes a minute.

Ed Smithson

Ft Worth, Tx.

P. S. Oh, you can “forward” this, only if you want to, and blame it on me.

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