Truth creates bizarre allies

Much like the time Pilate and Herod became agreeable due to their dismissive ambiguity (and by that I mean their lack of interest in the repentance, righteousness and truth of the gospel) toward Jesus (Luke 23:4-12), right has the weird ability to make friends out of wrong.

For example,look at the “news” website, “Huff-Post.”

Huff-Post regurgitates a constant flow of pro-homosexual, heterosexual promiscuity, militant feminism, misandrist supporting, and liberal parenting promoting articles. And yet this site manages to habitually go out of its way to celebrate and defend even the most blatantly persecuting views of Islam – the very religion which seeks to physically control and punish the aforementioned mindset…let alone lifestyle! But because of their disdain for repentance, righteousness and the truth of the gospel, the writers of Huff-Post happily greet a controlling culture that despises their freedom.

Disagree? Share the country ruled by such a culture that says otherwise.

No amount of pleading will change it, and no amount of self-witnessed behavior will correct it. Such is the case when the heart is completely given to self-destructive behaviors. Truth creates bizarre allies indeed, but it’s nothing new.

Then the Pharisees and Sadducees came, and testing Him…” (Matthew 16:1 NKJV)

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