Two baptisms this past week

Two more people were baptized this past week at Geneva, making a total of 25 thus far this year.  Several of our members are teaching faithfully every week, most in the jail, but let me tell you about our youngest man who teaches. He goes from door to door asking people if he can study with them. He doesn’t want to work a job, but rather just teach people the Bible.  Thankfully for now he has a grandmother who supports him and he lives with her.  He has almost finished his degree in Bible at Faulkner University, and wants to preach full time.  He uses the 3-lesson Open Bible study course and is having great success with it.  I wonder if he even knows how many he has taught and baptized this year.  This young man is 21 or 22, and single.  He baptizes people wherever he goes.  He baptizes late at night in the river below Geneva. He baptizes in the gulf when in Florida, and often times he calls and wants to use the church baptistry because he has someone ready to be baptized.  He is constantly studying with people by texting.  He thinks we should only talk about the Bible, and associate only with people who will talk about it with us. It seems every minute he is awake is either spent in teaching people the gospel or studying his Bible. 

What am I doing? Washing and drying the baptismal garments and keeping them ready for the next one, or more, who needs them!

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