Two identical verses in Matthew’s gospel

Two identical verses in the gospel of Matthew? Almost! And I never saw it until today … My personal website seems to be working again, so if you were looking for today’s Daily Bible Devotional, you’ll have to hop over there, for “Now, it’s your turn,” on Matthew 9:35. The meditation actually takes in 4:23, an almost identical verse. (It’s called an inclusio, marking the beginning and ending of a section.) Fascinating, so much the more since I’d never noticed before.

• As I was studying this section of Matthew I searched Google Books for tidbits on its literary structure. Google’s book previews can often reveal some jewels. I became so enamored with one book that I considered buying it, until I saw the price tag: $128 for a 182-page paperback. Inexcusable to my mind.

I found some used copies of the book, the cheapest in, of all places, Jerusalem, but with postage, I was looking at $50, at least. The book has a 1998 copyright, so it’s likely that the publisher has turned the book back over to the author. I found him on the net and wrote him to ask if he would sell me an electronic version of it. Good ole Internet.


• See the chart above and read the story behind it here. I read it with interest. It wasn’t effective with the denominational preacher it was used with, but then maybe nothing would have been. Was the preacher too direct, too blunt? Was the chart too simplistic? I must admit, however, I liked the brother’s approach. (I don’t know anything about the site, but it looks like it may be anti-institutional.)

• On my Diaspora* spot, I have a Matthew quote with a confession, and a Superman link and a question. Here’s the main link. By the time you read this there may be more.

• A last thought on Matthew. Chapter 10 is a challenge to apply. I’d be interested in hearing your applications. No immediate brush-offs, please, that this was for the Twelve and doesn’t apply to us. Obviously, there are such elements. I want to know how to be as trusting as Jesus wants them to be by going out with no gold, no silver, no copper. What say you?

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