Two prayer requests and one invitation

I wanted to pass along a couple of requests in regards to prayers from the fellows and readers here.

One, please say a prayer for my mother-in-law, Christine. She has been dealing with several serious health issues over the last few years, and some are beginning to become ever more burdensome in regards to her physical health, including the necessity for her to do dialysis several times on a daily basis and the side-effects that accompany it. Your prayers would be much appreciated.

Two, we, the Keltonburg congregation along with some brethren from the Smithville congregation, will be setting up a booth at the local Smithville Fiddler’s Jamboree and Crafts Festival. We will be providing free bottled water (accompanied by the John Hurt “blue and white” scripture reference card) as well as numerous House to House topical tracts and Bible correspondence courses. Pray that opportunities arise and that God’s word will find free course in open hearts. We believe this year in particular will afford some great opportunities to help spread the gospel in our community and abroad as compared to last year. Perhaps a follow-up story describing what I mean will appear on the Brotherhood News site in a few days. If you find yourself in the area please stop by for a visit. I would love to meet you whether you are a fellow or a reader! Lord willing, I will be out there pretty much all day Friday and Saturday.

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