Two types of people

Rising Joy, by Vicki Matheny

Deceit is in the heart of those who plot evil, but those who promote peace have joy. Proverbs 12.20

Let’s think about the two types of people to which this verse is referring. There are those who plot evil and those who promote peace.

It is hard to believe that a person would actively mislead another. Yet, that is what the word “deceit” means. The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines it as “the act of causing someone to accept as true or valid what is false or invalid”. It is a deliberate act, usually with the intent of harming the person targeted in some way. The heart of those who plot evil contains deceit.

Then, there is the person who promotes peace. They do what they can to further the cause for peace. They want harmony to exist in relationships, in families, and in every area where possible. Peace creates bonds of unity and brings joy to the heart.

Nowhere is this more possible than in a relationship with God through his Son, Jesus. We should be announcing the good news of Jesus to bring others to a knowledge that peace can exist, that joy can abide in the heart.

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