U of I and Intolerance

There is nothing like the University of Illinois – the bastion of liberal intolerance! Recently, a university professor (adjunct) was fired from his teaching position because he taught Catholic doctrine in a course on Catholicism! The name of the course was “Introduction to Catholicism and Modern Catholic Thought.” Evidently, a student went into this class for a singular purpose of malevolence. When inquiry was made into the church’s teaching on homosexuality and natural law, the student took exception that the audacity of the Catholic Church was that it could oppose homosexuality on the basis of natural law. This was conveniently and lovingly interpreted as “hate speech.”

The notion that “freedom of thought” can be expounded on a state run university that promotes the freedom of ideas is as ludicrous as atheist believing in God! Liberalism cannot win in the battle of ideas with contrary thoughts and, consequently, to solve this potential problem all contrary thoughts opined need to be oppressed. One professor said, “The e-mails sent by Dr. Howell violate university standards of inclusivity, which would then entitle us to have him discontinue his teaching arrangement with us” (Ann Mester, associate dean at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences).

Source: Mattoon Journal-Gazette, Saturday, July 10, section A-6

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