Unconscious bias targeted with biased symbols – LOL!

The irony of liberalism can be too much at times – especially when it comes to feminism.

Melbourne, Australia is putting the brakes on the western culture’s “unconscious gender bias” with its new … wait for it … traffic control signs!

According to Martine Letts (Committee For Melbourne CEO), “Unconscious bias reinforces stereotypes and influences daily decisions and attitudes.

That’s right! Apparently it is now too oppressive to have a “male figure” donning domineering all the cross-walk traffic signals in the city.

But this is where the irony comes into the picture symbol.

Can you guess what symbol was chosen to represent the “oppressed and stereotyped gender” known as women? It’s a stick-figure wearing a skirt!

That’s hilarious! They replaced a “gender-less” stick-figure (because women can wear pants too, right?) with a gender stereotyping stick-figure wearing a skirt (now we know it can’t be a stick-man, right?).

It makes me laugh even harder when I think about what the swap would accomplish in Scotland!

Good-bye, good-bye to the late great western culture.

Professing to be wise, they became fools,” (Romans 1:22 NKJV)

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